Ortex takes the security of your data and our infrastructure very seriously.

Subject matter of the Rules

Ortex Technologies ltd (hereinafter the Company, We, Ortex), located and registered in the United Kingdom, in accordance with international laws and Articles of Association, provides the website (the Site) to any visitor for information purposes, as well as to persons who are of legal age and have created a personal account on the website (correctly registered, hereinafter the Client) - provides the website for information, statistical and consulting services as well as for the independent performance of investment activities provided by the Client.

Legal regulation

These Terms prevail over the legal provisions governing the 'Subject matter of the Terms' and cannot be challenged once the Client's agreement and acceptance of the Terms has been confirmed through the Client's registration process on the Site.

Limitation of liability

By providing the Client with the Website, the Company cannot guarantee its uninterrupted operation. Nor can the Company guarantee to the Client that the uninterrupted operation of the Site will be guaranteed by intermediary third parties. In this regard, the Company does not guarantee the complete absence of factors which may adversely affect the Client's business or its further development.

Legal disclaimer

Any actions carried out by the Customer through the Site shall be carried out by the Customer himself and only the Customer himself shall be liable for his actions thereafter. Ortex, on the other hand, only acts as a provider of the aforementioned services, basing its actions on international law and performing the functions and services solely within the framework of these Terms and Conditions.


The client accepts responsibility for creating conditions which in one way or another may adversely affect the operability of systems, databases, information flows, information exchange streams and the structural integrity of software and licensed (third party) software packages.

Client accepts responsibility for activities that may be subsequently considered as suspicious activities, suspicious financial activities, money laundering, financing of illegal formations and use of money obtained by any illegal means.

The Client accepts responsibility for non-observance of these Rules in creating more than one personal account and agrees that in case Company discovers such a fact, which proved to cause financial loss to the Company, such Client's account will be suspended until the investigation by the Ortex Finance Department is finished. The Company reserves the right to demand documents confirming the legitimacy of the Customer in such a case, as well as to demand a full financial compensation, and in case of a positive outcome of the investigation, the access to the account will be renewed by sending the appropriate instructions to the Customer to restore the account's functioning.

The Company accepts responsibility for the late provision of information, consultancy and statistical services to the Customer, except as described in the Limitation of Liability.

The Company accepts responsibility and undertakes to compensate the Client for any losses in cases where this is due to the Company's fault.


Multi-accounts, accounts that are flagged by Anti Fraud and also by SSA to identify devices, IP addresses and many other factors that you have previously logged into accounts.

Family accounts are not allowed to register with the company. One family is allowed to register not more than 1 account per family. In case of more than 2 accounts with money-laundering purpose the company reserves the right to stop the work of the accounts up to 90 days with return of the funds, which were introduced in the company with deduction of the funds, which were withdrawn earlier.

Additionally, the company reserves the right to impose penalties and tax payments, in case the client commits fraudulent actions in relation to the company.


Payments are made every day, Monday to Friday. Payouts are not available on weekends and public holidays.

The Company undertakes to pay out the interest due to the Client on investments, referral bonuses and affiliate rewards in accordance with the regulations on processing requests for the disbursement of funds.

In accordance with these regulations, any request for disbursement may be processed for up to 96 business hours, provided that the amount requested is not less than $5.

The Company is exempt from liability for failure to comply with the regulations on the processing of requests for withdrawal of funds, in cases where it is not possible to do so for reasons beyond the control of the Company. In particular, but not limited to the occurrence of force majeure events of natural and/or man-made etymology.


Accruals are made in accordance with our investment offers (Investment Process), the terms of which are set out below on this page.A direct description of the types of passive income, depending on the amount and term of investment, can be found on the 'Products' page.

Investment Process

The investment option of placing money. Daily Accruals, using which the Client can receive and withdraw daily accruals triggered by the Client's investments to their wallets. This investment plan provides the opportunity to upgrade to higher Investment Ranks within the Daily Accruals group of investment plans, i.e. to use the upgrade and auto-advancement options of the Investment Rank. This is achieved by the Client adding an additional amount to an already active investment so that the total investment amount enables the Client to reach the higher deposit rank of the given investment offer. The auto reinvestment option fulfils the same function but it is done through internal financial reserves, namely through the fact that the interest earned on the investment is automatically added to the amount invested, after which the next interest earned is increased and this cyclically repeats until the moment the nominal amount is reached which makes it possible to automatically move to a higher investment offer.

Investment option of placing the money

Accumulation, using which the Client is given the opportunity to invest in a mode where the return in the form of investment charges and the investment amount directly invested will be available for withdrawal at the end of the term of the investment chosen by the Client.

This option of investing money does not include the availability of upgrade and auto-advance options.

Investment option

Deposit For You Need, using which the Client can promptly solve most of his/her financial problems without the help of third parties. This Investment option gives the Client the opportunity to earn any required amount directly in real time.

It works on the principle of a bank deposit, but in a much more dynamic and efficient mode due to the Company's use of advanced online profit generating technology.


Each client has the right to receive additional active earnings from the investments made by their structure's partners.

Affiliate commissions are accumulated on the Client's account balance in currencies corresponding to the currencies of partners' investments. Withdrawal of affiliate commissions is available after making at least one, minimum (at least $25) investment in any investment direction of the Company. Each Client has the right to withdraw affiliate commissions in the currency he/she deems most convenient for him/her, using the exchange service option on the Company's website.

Affiliate commissions are calculated and accrued by the system as a percentage of the profits accrued daily to the Client's referrals. Thus, the higher a referral's profit, the higher the affiliate commission. Each Client is entitled to receive referral bonuses and prizes for achieving a certain Total Investment Turnover by his/her affiliate structure. You can find out more about this by exploring the relevant section of the Company's Website. Ortex is the exclusive owner of the structure and implementation of the Affiliate Program as a whole, which is unparalleled in the world and is intended for full and fair distribution of active earnings to all interested parties in accordance with the activity and efforts undertaken by the Client in developing partnerships and promoting the Company's Products. The accrual regulations and the values of affiliate rewards are located on the 'Partners' page.

Dispute resolution

Any disagreements that may arise between the Client and the Company shall be resolved by written negotiation.

If certain circumstances so require, the Company may initiate a negotiation process, realised by meeting the Client in person. In such a case, We shall be obliged to finance the costs of the Client's visit to London or the costs of representation incurred by authorised persons of the Company in the Client's country of residence at Our own expense in full.

Final provisions

All pages of the website are, in equal force, structural sections of these Regulations as regards the performance of their obligations by both the Client and the Company. All pages of the website, as well as these Rules, may be amended by the Company at any time without prior agreement or notification to the Client. By continuing to use the Company's website and its options, the Client confirms his acceptance of the aforementioned changes and also confirms his acceptance of these Regulations (any pages of the website) as amended.